Activities of Bright Agro Innovation


Consultancy for sustainable production


Bright Agro Innovation gives independent advice on the areas of plant health, plant vitality and possibilities of innovations.

Plant supporting products to strengthen vigor:

Bright Agro Innovation delivers products of natural origin with the purpose of strengthening the natural vitality of plants  against adverse circumstances.

These products result in improved germination, rooting, more uniform cultures, enhanced flavor and improved plant quality and production

Assistance in obtaining tailor-made solutions


Bright Agro Innovation can assist growers in generating solutions that are tailor-made for their circumstances.

Scientific institutes


Brigh Agro Innovation has good network with numerous scientific institutes. This insures staying up to date with the most recent developments in the scientific community




Bright Agro Innovation supports growers by translating and advising growers to comply with governance of crop protection and environmental issues.


Ir. Vincent Bijman 


I began my career with the study of Tropical Agriculture at Deventer. After completing this I went on to study for a degree in Plant Protection at Wageningen University.


My work experience was gained in the USA and in the Netherlands within an international academic and entrepreneurial setting. I was exposed to applied sciences, extension, auditing, quality assurance (GSPP), biocontrol, innovation, sustainable production of cultures, setting up R & D activities and with consulting.


I am specialized in Plant Pathology with experience in arable crops, fruit crops, seed pathology, soil borne pathogens, ornamentals & horticulture. Transferring academic knowledge into practical solutions, interacting with growers and helping them to solve obstacles, gives me energy and is seen as one of my strengths. My vision is future based, with out of the box thinking and an emphasis on feasible solutions

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