Monitoring of the post-harvest fungal contamination of the tomato truss


Increasing brix values of the tomatoes up to 10% and possibly even more due to new insights


Control strategy for crazy roots and other bacterial diseases


Improvement of the plant defense mechanism , post –harvest (preservation) and vigor of the plants



Cuttings and seeds



Quicker  rooting and efficient fertilizer usage


Improvement of germination and vitality of the seedling, leading to higher performance during the life of the plant



Improving of the stem quality or flowering aspects such as ’improved vase time’


Improving the uniformity by creating smaller variance between stems


Higher yields














Potting plants


Enhances rooting by branching out and increased biomassa

Golf courses and sports fields


Saving on fertilizer usage of up 20%.


Better quality turf without extra mowing.


This product results in a reduction in thatching buildup on greens which is preventing nutrients from reaching the roots.


Reduces plant stress






Improving the quality of the grass or fodder crops leading to higher yields

Higher levels of protein and fats which result in higher convertion into meat or milk

Savings on fertilizer usage up to 20%  







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